We Buy Used Equipment

We Buy Used 450x114

Your Unused Equipment is Worth $$$

Convert Your Unused, Dead or Dying Equipment into Cash!!
or Credit – toward New & Refurbished Equipment.
We Will Custom Tailor a Plan to Work with YOUR Inventory!

Send an email or Make One Call Today to Get More Info – NO Obligation!

Email: sales@genisyscorp.com
Phone: 425.869.6055

We Do All the Work!

  • We Arrange for Freight.
  • We Do a Complete Inventory of Your Equipment.
  • We can do a Consignment Sale or Buy your equipment.
  • We Find the Customer
  • We Handle the Transaction.
  • We Wipe Your Drives CLEAN.
  • You get CASH or CREDIT – You Decide!
  • We Make It Happen!

Your Equipment is NOT Gaining Value! If You’re NOT Using it….
Let’s Turn it Into $$$
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