A moon by any other name…

Would still be made of cheese? At the risk of getting totally off track. That one always bugged me. Even as someone who is a fan of the absurd and outlandish, I never cottoned to that joke that the moon was made of cheese. One can only handle so much preposterousness.

But we are not here to talk about silly stories for children. We are talking about alternative names for the February full moon. The answer we were looking for was “Snow Moon”. But we also would have accepted “Hunger Moon” or “Storm Moon”.

Where these names come from seems to be up for debate. They could come from Native American traditions, or from Europe through New England as the US was settled. Whatever the case, it turns out there are a host of names for the moon each month. Personally, I am partial to the “Thunder Moon”, which could be June or July, depending on your perspective.

Today’s photo is not the snow moon from the past weekend, because I was too busy editing photos to take photos. But it is a genuine photo of the moon that I took at some point. 🙂

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