All aboard!

I love subways. That comes mostly from time spent running around NY and marveling at how easily you can move about the city on the trains. Now, I get it. I have read enough about it to know that there are serious issues with the subway system in NY. But when you are visiting, and on vacation time, those rough edges get smoothed over pretty easily.

And you have to take into account that I am comparing that to what currently passes for a commuter train system in the greater Seattle area. To call it a fledgling system would be kind. It is still many years from what you would consider real coverage of the area. And it often leaves me thinking, if only someone had the forethought to start building the train system decades ago.

Like London!

On this day in 1863, the London Underground began operation. 1863! That is crazy. And a big reason why London has a usable system today.

Oddly, our picture today doesn’t come from the London, NY, or Seattle transit systems. It’s the BART in San Francisco, because why not? 😀

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