Happy Birthday to software?

Sure! Why not? It is Photoshop’s 30th birthday today. It might seem weird to send birthday greetings to a piece of software, but I’m in for it, because I love Photoshop.

The birthday post at Adobe makes note of some of the milestones along the way. Did you know the first use of Photoshop was to create visual effects for James Cameron’s The Abyss? Have you had the mind-blowing experience of seeing when Content-Aware-Fill gets it really right?

The changes have been huge over the years, but also incremental. So the biggest thing I have taken from the celebration is looking back at what it used to do, and comparing that to what it does now. It’s crazy how far things have progressed.

Our photo today is a bit of a nod to that. This is from a fake movie poster I made. What’s notable, and largely made possible by Photoshop, is that this photo was taken at 2:30 in the afternoon, on a sunny day, in the park. But we push some buttons, move some sliders, and we’ve got a horror film!

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