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A blade is literally a self-contained server, which collectively fits into an enclosure with other blades. Sometimes known as a chassis, this enclosure provides the power, cooling, connectivity, and management to each blade. The blade servers themselves contain only the core processing elements, making them hot-swappable. HP refers to the entire package as a BladeSystem.

When compared to other traditional rack-mount servers, a blade server can be dedicated to a single task, such as:

  • Database and application hosts
  • Virtual server host platforms
  • Remote desktop or workstations
  • File sharing
  • Web page serving and caching
  • SSL encrypting of Web communication
  • Transcoding of Web page content for smaller displays
  • Streaming audio and video content

# 507864-B21 ProLiant BL460c G6 Barebone System
# 600332-B21 HP ProLiant BL620c G7 Barebone System
# 603718-B21 ProLiant BL460c G7 Blade
# AD399A HP Integrity BL860c i2 Server Blade
# AH383A HP Integrity BL870c i2 c7000 Server Blade
# AH384A HP Integrity BL890c i2 c7000 Server Blade
# AM329A HP Integrity BL870c i2 c3000 Server Blade
# AM330A HP Integrity BL890c i2 c3000 Server Blade
# AM346A HP Integrity BLc3000 8-socket Server Kit

# 416585-B21 NC325m PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter
# 445978-B21 Proliant NC360m Dual Port BL-c Adapter
# 447883-B21 NC364m Quad Port BL-c Adapter
# 453246-B21 NC382m Gigabit Network Card
# 467799-B21 NC532M BL-c NIC ADAPTER
# 539857-B21 NC542m Dual Port 10Gigabit Server Adapter
# 610609-B21 NC552m 10Gigabit Network Card
# 613431-B21 NC553m 10Gigabit Server Adapter

# 507014-B21 BladeSystem BLc7000 Rackmount Enclosure
# 507015-B21 BladeSystem BLc7000 Rackmount Enclosure
# 507016-B21 HP BLc7000 Enclosure with 3 Phase 6 Power Supply 10 Fan
# 507017-B21 BladeSystem BLc7000 Rackmount Enclosure
# 507019-B21 HP Blade Server Cabinet BLc7000 Rackmount Enclosure
# 508664-B21 HP BLc3000 Enclosure with 4 AC Power Supplies 6 Fan
# 508665-B21 HP BLc3000 Enclosure with 4 AC Power Supplies 6 Fan
# 508668-B21 HP BladeSystem c3000 c-Class Rackmount Enclosure
# 536841-B21 HP BLc3000 Enclosure with 2 AC Power Supplies 4 Fan
# 696908-B21 HP BLc3000 Platinum Enclosure with 4 AC Power Supplies 6 Fans
# 696909-B21 HP BLc3000 Platinum Enclosure with 4 AC Power Supplies 6 Fans
# AH257B HP BladeSystem c3000 Rackmount Enclosure

# 378928-B21 Cisco Ethernet RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet SFP Module
# 378929-B21 Cisco BLp-Class Ethernet Fiber SFP Switch
# 403626-B21 4Gb Fibre Channel Pass-Thru Module
# 406740-B21 hp 1Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru Module
# 410916-B21 hp Catalyst 3020 Multi-Layer Blade Switch
# 412140-B21 HP Single Active Cool Fan for BLc7000 Enclosure
# 414055-001 HP Onboard Administrator Module
# 437573-B21 HP 1200W DC Power Module
# 448018-B21 HP PCI Expansion Blade Riser card
# 451438-B21 Cisco Catalyst Blade 3120G SAN Switch
# 451439-B21 Catalyst Blade 3120X Switch for HP
# 455880-B21 Virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet Module for c-Class BladeSystem
# 459005-B21Cisco 10GBASE-CX4 X2 Module
# 459006-B21Cisco 10GBASE-SR X2 Module
# 459007-B21Cisco 10GBase-LRM X2 Module
# 466482-B21 Virtual Connect 24-port Fibre Channel Module
# 489184-B21 HP 4X QDR InfiniBand Switch Module for c-Class BladeSystem
# 494330-B21Stacking Cable for Cisco 3120, 3.0 Meter
# 494331-B21Stacking Cable for Cisco 3120, 0.5 Meter
# 494332-B21Stacking Cable for Cisco 3120, 1.0 Meter
# 498358-B21 HP ProCurve 6120G/XG Ethernet Blade Switch
# 500172-B21 HP 1200W AC Power Supply
# 505958-B21 HP 4X QDR QLogic InfiniBand Switch Module for c-Class BladeSystem
# 505959-B21 QLogic InfiniBand 4X QDR Management Module for c-Class BladeSystem
# 507082-B21 HP BLC Single Active Cool 100 Fan
# 516733-B21 ProCurve 6120XG Ethernet Blade Switch
# 571956-B21 BLc Virtual Connect FlexFabric Expansion Module
# 572018-B21 HP Virtual Connect 8Gb 20-port Fibre Channel Module
# 588603-B21 HP 2400W Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply
# 591973-B21 HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Ethernet Module Enterprise Edition
# 605865-B21 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10/24 Enterprise Edition BLc7000
# 638526-B21 HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Module
# 648311-B21 HP 4X FDR InfiniBand Managed Switch Module for c-Class BladeSystem
# 648312-B21 HP 4X FDR IB Switch Switch – 34 ports – unmanaged.
# 658247-B21 HP 6125G Ethernet Blade Switch
# 658250-B21 HP 6125G/XG Ethernet Blade Switch
# 662048-B21 HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Module Enterprise Edition for BLc7000 Option
# 677595-B21 HP Single Phase Intelligent Power Module for c-Class BladeSystem
# 689638-B21Mellanox SX1018HP Ethernet Switch for c-Class BladeSystem

# AE379A Cisco MDS 9000 4Gb Fibre Channel SFP
# AH331A BLc7000 DC Power Module
# AH332A 2250W DC Power Supply
# AJ715A HP 4Gb Short Wave B-series Fibre Channel SFP Transceiver
# AJ716A 8Gb Shortwave B-series Fibre Channel SFP+ Transceiver
# AJ716B HP 8Gb Shortwave B-series Fibre Channel 1 Pack SFP+ Transceiver
# AJ717A HP 8Gb Long Wave B-series 10km Fibre Channel SFP+ Transceiver
# AJ820A Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch
# AJ820B HP Brocade 8/12c SAN Switch for BladeSystem c-Class
# AJ821A Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch
# AJ821B HP Brocade 8/24c SAN Switch for BladeSystem c-Class
# AJ822A B-Series 8/24c SAN Switch
# AJ822B HP Brocade 8/24c Power Pack+ SAN Switch for BladeSystem c-Class
# AJ906A 8Gb FC SFP+ Short Range Transceiver
# AJ907A 8Gb Fibre Channel SFP+ Transceiver
# AT084A HP 10GbE Pass-Thru Module
# AT135A HP Cisco B22HP Fabric Extender for Integrity
# AT136A HP Cisco B22HP Fabric Extender with 16 FET for Integrity
# AW538A HP B-series 8Gb Extended Long Wave 25km Fibre Channel SFP+ Transceiver
# AW563A MDS 8/12c BladeSystem Fibre Channel Switch
# AW564A MDS 8/24c BladeSystem Fibre Channel Switch

HP X1800sb G2 Network Storage Blade
HP X3800sb G2 Network Storage Gateway # BV874A

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