HP Synergy and the Idea Economy


HP has unveiled their latest line, Synergy. Describing just what that is gets a little more complicated. In a nutshell, Synergy aims to “…bridge traditional and new IT with the agility, speed and continuous delivery needed for today’s applications.” That is really just scratching the surface. For a better explanation, you should have a look at this whitepaper.

Here they explain the idea showing that traditional infrastructure operates on a scale of months. Running all of the back-office and administrative systems for a company is done on tradiotional systems that are slow to put into service, but rarely changing. As our world, and business with it, changes and speeds up, the technology needs to as well. That’s where the composable infrastructure of Synergy comes in. It takes the time to launch services down to seconds. A developer can actually launch a fully provisioned system for a new application with one line of code. And with all of the resources effectively existing in pools, scalability is no longer an issue. This is the idea economy.

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