Let it be, let it be

Today is a bit of a momentous day in music history. On January 3rd, 1970 (50 years!), The Beatles recorded their last new song before breaking up the following April.

The song was I Me Mine, which was released on the Let It Be album. And, I suppose, that song was the writing on the wall. It is said to have been inspired by George Harrison’s complaints about the stifling egos of Lennon and McCartney. Looking at the lyrics…

All through the day
I me mine, I me mine, I me mine

… that tracks.

Today’s photo doesn’t have a lot to do with the Beatles, other than being shot on film, which gives it that smooth 70s vibe. This is actually part of an ongoing experiment of taking a photograph of a negative and converting it to a positive in software. For reference, here is what the original shot looked like.

Still not perfect, but a solid proof of concept. This is literally just the negative sitting on a piece of white paper. I think the next step is to sandwich the negative between glass and light it from behind with flashes.

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