Sinkholes, Man… Sinkholes


Some natural disasters are horrific just based on their sheer scale. When a volcano blows up on your head, the sheer size and power of it is mindbogglilng. Or when you see a tornado just pick up barn. And some are horrific based on the out of nowhere surprise. That’s where sinkholes come in. And this is a particularly dastardly one. Of all the places in Bowling Green, KY, this sinkhole could have opened up, it was directly under the National Corvette Museum. Yikes.

The hole is something on the order of 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep, and it swallowed eight Corvettes when it appeared. Those include two ZR-1s that were on loan from General Motors. There are more pictures and a full list of the cars consumed at the story on The Verge.

Update! Here is security cam footage of the sinkhole opening.

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