Tiny Power

I think this is a pretty easy one, because of the very obvious hint included in the photo. Most will be able to reason out what kind of thing this is. And a few will be able to note the specific model of thing that it is. That is a much bigger ask. Either way, the big picture is below.

If the + and – tipped you to battery, you are correct! And if you are a Canon user, you might recognize those connections as being from the LP-E66 battery. This one has been something of a workhorse. Canon has been using it in many of their prosumer cams for years (5DII, 5DIII, 5DIV, 5DS, 6D, 6DII, 7D, 7DII, 60D, 70D, 80D, R, and probably something I have forgotten).

The battery has become so ubiquitous by being in so many Canon cameras that other companies have started using them to power their devices. You will find lights, monitors, and even cameras from other brands that are using the LP-E6.

Technically… this is an LP-E6N, from the EOS R, which is the newest version of the LP-E6. The biggest difference is a slightly higher mAh rating (1865 vs 1800), but it remains compatible with all of those earlier cameras.

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