Up close with a bee, not on a lavender plant…

Those of you who count yourself as fans of the lavandula will know right away that our little friend Mr. Bee is not on a lavender plant. But the color is close, right? This is a random plant that I found in a local park that had attracted the attention of a group of bees. And while they are certainly not as fascinating as eyeballs, I do love taking photos of bees.

Which is a completely unrelated way to get back to the trivia question. What city is the lavender capital of North America? It is Sequim, WA. An equally difficult question might have been, “How do you pronounce Sequim? But that doesn’t translate as well to text. Washington has a long history of city names that visitors can only guess at pronouncing. Puyallup, Humptulips, Skamokawa, Chewelah, Chehalis, Tenino, Asotin, Yakima… I could go on. 😀

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