Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Genisys Can Guide You with Every Step of the Process
of Reselling and Disposing of Used IT Equipment !
We are equipped to handle your Used IT Asset Management.
Our professionally trained staff will work with your specific needs to
Assess, Inventory, Transport, Refurbish,
and Dispose of your IT Equipment.
Assess your Computer Inventory Assessment
Genisys specialists can provide on-site review of your IT Inventory. We can evaluate equipment condition and provide a complete Inventory Assessment report. Subsequently we can manage the entire process of securely packing and transporting equipment.
Secure Data Wiping
Hard Drives are cleaned and secured with certified data erasure software. Your sensitive data is rendered unreadable. We can provide assurances in writing that the process is HIPAA Compliant!

Destruction and Recycling
Genisys offers full data component destruction by shredding hard drives, tapes and other media. Residual material is disposed of using certified electronics recyclers that meet high environmental standards and comply with all state, federal and international laws and regulations.

Equipment deemed marketable will be processed and refurbished by Genisys Certified Professionals to guarantee reliability and maximize value. Genisys will purchase or resell your equipment and generate cash from your unneeded and unused assets.

Reporting and Documentation
Genisys provides complete accounting and reporting of asset evaluation, negotiated pricing and equipment disposition. Safely retire equipment knowing you’ve maximized it’s potential, complied with extensive lists of regulations and eliminated vulnerabilities. Optimize the physical and financial aspects of your technology life cycle.

Excellent Customer Service is our Priority
We are here to help solve your IT problems. Genisys has over 20 years experience working with corporate IT requirements world wide. Contact us today to answer any questions you have about your IT Asset Management, System upgrades, Maintenance and Support. No Obligation. (425)869.6055 We look forward to working with you.
You can Rely on Genisys
Expertise and Experience

Now is a good time – To Get Answers to your questions.
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