BTS (Thats a big modifier)

This is a short week at Genisys. We’ll be closed on Friday for the holiday. That, and other things, have me a bit behind as the week is getting started. But I did just grab a quick behind the scenes shot of where I do the macro photography.

What equipment gets used changes depending on what I am doing, but here you can see one of my Interfit strobes with a 24″ square softbox and the 48″ deep parabolic softbox attached to the Xplor 600 Pro strobe.

The white backdrop shots are done on this table with two pieces of cardboard. And the shots on black are on an old Genisys polo shirt. Also featured: A Manfrotto tripod, the cover for the flash tube on the 600 Pro, the 600 Pro charger, and a model 20 controller.

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