Dancers Among Us

Dancers. Dancing. In the everyday world. That is what we find at the heart of  Jordan Matter’s book of photography, Dancers Among Us. The project drops dancers, in mid-performance, into everyday situations. It’s a very simple idea, executed exceptionally well. And some of the results are amazing. I’ve picked four of my favorite images here. You can click them to see the full size versions. And if you like that, head over to the Dancers Among Us website for more. And while you are there, be sure to read the Artist’s Statement to learn how the project was inspired by Jordan’s son.

Angelica Generosa - Seattle

Angelica Generosa – Seattle

Kara Lozanovski - Chicago

Kara Lozanovski – Chicago

Claire Conaty - Seattle

Claire Conaty – Seattle

Tenealle Farragher - Carnegie Deli, NY

Tenealle Farragher – Carnegie Deli, NY


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