FLASH! Ahhh Ahhhh

Ok… this is likely impossible. I don’t even know that I would get it, and this is my light. But I really like the close-up, so here we are. What you are looking at is the flash tube for one of my monolights, and the little spring that holds it in place.

I could go on about what a monolight is and the difference between a monolight, a strobe, and a speedlight. But even under quarantine, none of us have time to listen to that. For our purposes here, you can just think of a monolight as a big flash unit. It looks like this:

That black outer ring is just over 6 inches in diameter, for perspective. The yellow dot in the center is a 60W LED modeling lamp and the flash tube gives this an ouput of 320Ws.

The title today comes from the theme song for the 1980 Flash Gordon film. I saw it again recently and it actually holds up surprisingly well!

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