Getting back to macro

It’s been a bit since we had a macro picture puzzle on the blog, so here is one to ponder. Do you recognize this? It’s an uncommon item, so even getting in the ballpark is notable. If you do recognize the specific version of this, then we know something about you. The answer, and a couple wider shots, are below.

The top photo is looking down the business end of the bare bulb flash tube for a Flashpoint eVOLV 200, also known as the Godox AD200. This is a battery powered flash that is particularly useful for location shooting. It is just a bit bigger than a speedlight, but has about three times the power. And the whole thing runs off of a rechargable battery. It’s tiny, powerful, and portable. Above you see a more recognizable shot of the bulb from the side. And below, the full unit.

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