I like Ike

Really, the Eisenhower dollars are laughable. They are so huge, heavy, and nothing that takes coins will accept them. I carry 8 of them in a weird pocket in my motorcycle jacket (just because) and they weight almost half a pound.

These are all excellent reasons why production of the Eisenhower dollar was stopped in 1978. The Susan B. Anthony dollar (1979-1981, 1999) made much more sense, even if it was too easily confused with quarters. And the current Sacagawea dollar is the happy middle ground that doesn’t have the size issues of the Eisenhower, but is more recognizable than the Anthony. And you can pay for parking with them!

Above we have a super detailed shot of one of the Eisenhowers from my motorcycle jacket. 100,000 miles grinding against 7 more Ikes hasn’t been kind to it, but I like the look of the scratches and tarnish.

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