If the knocker up’s willing and the creek don’t rise…

A little throwback Thursday trivia today, taking us all the way back to the industrial revolution in the UK with the question, “What is a knocker-up?” It makes so much sense, once you know.

A knocker up is a person that would come around in the morning and knock on your door, or your window, to make sure you were up on time. Now, today, we are spoiled with ways to be woken. We have alarm clocks, and phones, and TVs, and smart lights that will simulate a sunrise. We have even advanced it to the point that we can tell an imaginary knocker up to wake us. It’s a marketing possibility Amazon, Apple, and Google have foolishly failed to take advantage of!

But as you can imagine, those things were not true as the world rolled into the industrial revolution. So, you would check in with your local knocker-up and schedule your wake up call.

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