It just keeps going, and going

The old gear is on my mind today. We just sent out a couple 4 GB disks to a customer still running one of the classic HP servers. I’m not quite sure if that server can drink, but it certainly can vote. And with the new disks it marches on.

That called to mind my trusty old AE1. This thing is from 1981! It’s almost 40! And, I shot some photos with a local singer/songwriter on it over the weekend. It should be noted that these photos were taken outside, masked up, and at a proper distance. Because that’s where we are right now.

Point being, new technology is great, but old technology doesn’t stop when the new technology comes out. And if your classic server, or your beat up old film camera get the job done, there you go.

Fun fact about the photo. That blue glow? It is there because the light is bouncing off the back wall, into the viewfinder, off the mirror, and out through the lens. It was distracting, so I put a piece of blue tape over the eyepiece, expecting to block it. But it created that blue glow, which I actually like better.

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