It’s not a face.

Fun fact: Seeing faces in inanimate objects is a pretty common thing. It’s called pareidolia. I was reminded of it when I pulled this photo up on my editing machine. You see it too, right?

As far as puzzles go, the tricky bit of this one isn’t so much the magnified photo, but whether or not you have used this particular bit of networking gear. If you have, you probably recognize it right away. If you are still wondering, the big picture is below.

This is a 2GB SFP GBIC Transceiver. The picture up top is looking right down into the ports where the cable connects. I did consider getting a shot of one that was hot, with the light on, but the logistics of getting a camera, tripod, and lights in place to do that in a hot system were a little iffy. 🙂

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