Just a pinch

This is a fun mystery photo. This is an object that pretty much everyone has run across at some point. It’s not an item that you need often, but when you do, it is very handy. Scroll for the big picture.

It’s a staple remover. Staples, and by extension staplers, have an interesting history. The first functional stapler was invented in 1866 by George McGill. It worked, but was rather labor intensive. 1895 brought the first of what we would consider a modern stapler, from the E.H. Hotchkiss Company. It was such a breakthrough that people referred to the stapler as a hotchkiss.

The really interesting bit though is the introduction of the Swingline in 1937. This is where what you think of now as a stapler came from. The design was so good, that it has pretty much gone unchanged since then.

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