Keep the movin’ parts clean

Closing out another week with a picture puzzle. This one has the advantage of being one of the least magnified shots we have tried. But it is also something of a specialized bit of kit. So, if you know it, you know it. But you might not know it. You have likely been around one of these, but perhaps never made use of it. Scroll for the reveal.

It’s a hot shoe. This one is on top of a trigger for my speedlights, but it is comparable to what you would find on top of a lot of modern cameras. It’s interesting, because there are so many people that only shoot in available light, that never make use of the hot shoe. But I shoot a ton of stuff using off camera flash, so I use mine all the time.

I would argue that after learning the exposure triangle, off camera flash is the next thing to tackle that can dramatically improve your images. Of course, if you are one of those natural light shooters, I would be arguing with you. 🙂

The title was a big hint. That is a line from a song, and the next line starts with ‘hot shoe’.

Have a great weekend!

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