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A bit of an oddity for the middle of the week. This is a lavalier microphone. We’ve done photos of microphones before, but what makes this one interesting is just how tiny it is. The business end you are looking at in this picture is about 9mm across. Despite that, and thanks to our every evolving technology, it produces fantastic sound.

This particular mic is the V.Lav from Deity, and it has another little trick up its sleeve. You may have come across the incompatibilities of TRS and TRRS 3.5mm plugs. Your smartphone, for example, likely uses TRRS so you can plug in your earbuds/microphone to that one port. Something like a DSLR, on the other hand, has a TRS connection for a microphone. If you have one, and need the other, it can be a confusing mess.

The V.Lav solves that with intelligent circuitry that can sense the configuration of the device it is plugged into and change between TRS and TRRS as needed. That’s both very smart, and very convenient.

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