London Bridge moves to the US

This works as a pretty fun trivia question in the short form. To which US state was London Bridge relocated in the late 1960s? The answer is Arizona. That’s fun. But the story as to why this all happened is also interesting. It’s all about marketing and a failed land development plan.

You’ve likely heard of Lake Havasu City, but pre-bridge it was just an idea. An idea that nobody was much interested in being part of. In order to drum up interest in the area, the plan was hatched to buy London Bridge and reassemble it in Lake Havasu City. Amazingly enough, it worked.

The bridge is now the second most popular tourist attraction in Arizona. And will remain there. Because, let’s be honest, you’d have to pick up all of Buckingham Palace, including the queen, and drop it in Phoenix to begin to rival the Grand Canyon.

This photo has nothing to do with any of that, because I have never been to Arizona. But I did get this super cool shot* of the Great Wheel on Seattle’s waterfront while watching a dance show.

*If we’re being honest, I was actually taking a photograph of a dancer and wildly missed focus, but noticed this crazy shot of the wheel in the corner. 😀

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