More macro? Macro macro? Macroer?

Today we have some more shenanigans with macro photography, thanks to the addition of the just arrived extension tubes. That is what you are looking at in that top image. They are basically hollow tubes that you can place between the camera and the lens. The result of this is an increase in the magnification possible by the lens.

For example. This shot was taken with my Canon 100mm L IS Macro lens. It normally has a maximum magnification of 1:1. That is, at closest focus, an object appears the same size on the sensor as it is in reality. With the three tubes (13mm, 21mm, and 31mm) added, that goes up to 1.65:1. That has given us the above shot of the chip on a network card.

For reference, this is the same shot with a dime placed on top of that chip. You’ll no doubt notice a considerable difference in the depth of field between the two shots. That is because the shot of the chip is focus stacked. You are actually looking at 50 shots of that chip merged together to get a deeper focus. The shot of the dime is a single shot. At these close distances, even at f11, only the tiniest sliver is in focus.

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