Pack it up

Things have been busy in the warehouse, so I have been remiss in getting any blog posts out. But we are back today for a quick one. Do you recognize the object in the lead photo? The artsy photo treatment is a bit of misdirection. These things don’t usually get much notice, let alone fancy photos.

Get it? No reveal picture today, but the answer is below.

This is a pallet. Specifically, a recyclable pressed wood pallet. To bring it back around to computing, shipping equipment on pallets is always a good thing to consider. The regular package carriers have pretty high limits for what can pass through the regular system without having to go to freight.

We usually undershoot those by quite a bit and go to freight on a pallet at a much lower weight. The theory is that once you get over 80 pounds, the chances of that box getting damaged increase dramatically. The safer and more reliable bet is to strap everything to a pallet and ship it freight.

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