Picture Puzzle to end the week

It’s been a while since we did one of these, and I just stumbled upon this relic, so let’s see if anyone recognizes it. This one should be simple, if you are of a certain age. These have fallen out of fashion over the years, as technology progressed, but if you were around while they were in use, you definitely used one. Got it? Scroll to see the big picture.

It’s one of the spindles for the cassette player in this little boom box. For some unknown reason, this has been sitting on a shelf in the warehouse for more years than I can guess. I’ve never used it. Somewhat surprisingly, everything works. It gets radio and plays CDs. I didn’t actually test the cassette player, because I don’t have a cassette handy, but I’m assuming that’s ok too. Pretty crazy that this big clunky dinosaur has pretty much been relegated to the scrap-heap of history by phones.

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