Seattle in the far far future


What will Seattle look like if all of the ice sheets melt? Perhaps a silly question. Even if it is a remote possibility, it is so far off in the future that any number of other planet changing events may be even more profound. But just for kicks and giggles, let us put on our sci-fi caps and take a look at what the greater Seattle area would look like after the seas rise 240′. You can click this image for the big one, or head over to Spatialities for even more looks at this crazy world. They also have posters of the maps available.
I think the whole things sets up perfectly for a post-apocalyptic movie. What would the society that lasted through such drastic changes look like? Would Queen Anne and Capitol Island be warring factions? Would you have renegades that inhabit the towers rising up from the sea? How about secret underwater lairs hidden in the shells of the buildings lost to the rising waters? The possibilities are endless, and make the whole project a lot of fun.

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