Sell Your Used IT Equipment for Cash or Credit at Genisys

  • We give you competitive value!
  • We take care of inventory and transport.
  • Don’t waste space storing old equipment.
  • We give you CASH for your gear.
  • We handle Large and Small inventories.
  • Over 20 Years Experience!
  • TRADE IN your old/unused equipment.
  • Stretch your Budget.
  • Choose New or Certified Refurbished gear.
  • Genisys Certified Techs Spec your Acquisitions.
  • Use our Support or Maintenance Services.
Genisys can turn your Surplus Equipment
into Assets!
Genisys Recycling Meets ALL Legal Requirements

Genisys Assures Secure Wiping and Disposing of ALL Hard Drives.

Federal laws stipulate specific guidelines for protecting confidential information. There are formal and secure processes to manage the disposal of data and hard drives.
Genisys handling eliminates risk of confidential data exposure.

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