Singer 911, the perfect Porsche

The Singer 911 is an amazing thing. Sure, for nearing half a million dollars, it should be an amazing car. But to really understand just how amazing you have to look at the crazed attention to detail that goes into the building of a Singer. No stone is left unturned as a 90-94 911 is turned into what many regard as the perfect Porsche, if not the coolest car on the planet. Here’s what it looks like on the outside.

Things only get better inside. Have a look at that dash, and the incredible woven leather of the seats. You can click all of the pictures to get bigger versions. Or, for the huge hi-res versions, head over to the Singer website. They also have a breakdown on all the options for the car. For a really good look at how obsessively complete the Singer 911 is, check out the report from Autoblog’s Michael Harley, who called it “the most alluring vehicle in the world.”

And if all of that isn’t enough, this video from Drive’s Chris Harris is excellent. It spends a lot of time at the factory, looking at how the Singer 911 came to be, and also features some great shots of the car in motion.

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