Sony’s Solution to Cell Phone Camera Quality

Occasionally, something comes along and you think, “That is a really neat idea.” But then, if you think about it in practical terms, it really doesn’t hold up. Such is the case with the new announcement from Sony. They have come up with a rather clever way to get better photos using your cell phone. The solution is a camera lens with a built in sensor, processor, and memory that will connect magnetically to your cell phone. There are two versions: The DSC-QX10 and the DSC-QX100.

With the appropriate software, your cell phone screen becomes the viewfinder for the ‘lens’. It’s a cool idea, but have a look at that picture. Is that something you are going to want to use with any regularity? It creates a whole production out of taking a simple photo. And given the cumbersome nature of transporting that lens everywhere, you could just be carrying a proper camera.

I am all for pushing the envelope where mobile photography is concerned, but count me in the camp that is looking for slightly thicker bodies that provide extra room for the camera bits but remain pocketable. My current phone could actually be twice as thick as it is with no noticeable difference in the day to day use.  And if all that extra space was taken up with a better camera and more battery I would be quite the happy camper. You can find more info about the DSC-QZ10 and DSC-QX100, and more pictures, at Sony Alpha Rumors.

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