Technology has made the world smaller

I am constantly amazed at how technology has shrunk our world. This came to mind today because I was preparing a server for a customer. Well, technically, a customer of a customer. We built a system for our customer, who is customizing the software installation for their customer.

Rather than ship it to them to do that, adding another trip before it gets to its destination, we have our customer working remotely on the server, and once everything is complete, we’ll ship it to their customer.

I also just got a message from a friend in NY. And if I want, I can pull up a live webcam of Times Square, or the Eiffel Tower, or any of thousands of places on the planet.

The pace of change is so unending that it is easy to just roll with it and accept all of these things as our new normal. But if you do stop and think about it, so much of what we take for granted today, was unthinkable not that long ago. These are interesting times.

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