That’s a lot of memory*

*or, was, a long time ago

I just ran across this old DIMM and wanted to share it because of that interesting interface. There are 130 of those little holes that correspond to 130 little pins in the memory sockets these go in. You just don’t see that anymore.

This is an A2232-60001. That is a 16MB (yes, megabyte) 800/900 Series DIMM. What it lacks in the size of memory it makes up for in sheer physical size. These DIMMs are roughly the size of a dollar bill.

As an interesting point of reference, I am typing this entry on my laptop, which has 16GB of RAM, or 1000X what this DIMM holds. That, of course, points to a time in our future when we will be communicating with a device that makes the 16GB of my laptop seem laughably small.

The technology train just keeps moving, and it is endlessly fascinating.

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