The more things change…

Another interesting tech puzzle for Wednesday. Do you recognize this? You should. Chances are if you haven’t used one of these in the last day or so, you will be using one soon. Is that timeframe enough of a hint? Scroll for the reveal.

Ah yes, it is the mild-mannered USB charger. This one is from Motorola. I assume I got it with my G7 (using Google Fi, which is a good idea for another post). I titled the post ‘The more things change…” as a nod to the old proverb, ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’

And I stopped short of completing it because this is not one of those times. Our increasing reliance on technology doesn’t have an equivalent from back in the day. An example! I did a photoshoot in a park recently, with a model I had not met before. About half way to the park I realized I did not have my phone, and I had a mile panic attack. Oh no! What am I going to do? What if she can’t find me and tries to text? All that, lumped on top of my general need to be connected to email and messaging. It was eye-opening.

I am old enough to remember pre-cell-phone and pre-internet. Once you walked out the door, you were a ghost in the world. There was no reaching you. Just a couple weeks ago I was sitting on a train… under ground… in NY… having a casual chat with a friend back in Seattle. From 30,000 feet, this is all crazy.

And these magical little dongles power it all. Have you checked your battery lately? You should make sure it’s ok. Might want to top it up before leaving work for the rest of your Wednesday adventure.

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