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If you are theatre inclined, you’ll catch that the title of this post is from the tagline of Hamilton: An American Musical. That might strike you as an odd choice. But as we head into the 4th of July weekend, things are odd all around. Many of the usual big festivities that we are used to have been canceled, and circumstances have put a damper on many other activities.

However… one big thing happening this weekend that we can all do is watch the premiere of Hamilton on Disney+. Despite being a theatre aficionado, I have yet to see it, so you can count me among the many that will be tuned in.

Thinking about this also sent me back down the path of looking at our currency. I think most of us only ever really see the number on the bills. That’s a 20. That’s a 10. But if you look closely, they are pretty fascinating. The picture up top has pretty good detail. When we get really close though, check this out:

I don’t think I ever knew about that United States Of America Ten Dollars line above the name. The detail on the fabric is super cool too. This reminds me that I should really get a good shot of the pyramid/eyeball on the single. I’ll put it on the list.

Anyway, we will be closed tomorrow for the holiday. Stay safe and have fun!

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