Video killed the radio star

Another close-up challenge. This one is fun. I am guessing most people will not get it, despite the fact that they have taken advantage of that little gizmo above for hundreds of hours. Even though it is a nearly impossible to guess image, it is still very cool with all of the little details. So, are you the one in a thousand that knows what this is? Scroll for the wide shot.

It is the business end of a DVD drive. That is the mechanism that reads the data off of the disk. It’s a little tricky, because if you don’t have a slimline DVD like this one from a RP4440, you probably never saw the actual reader. But it is interesting to see the inner workings of something that was so ubiquitous.

Of course, now, DVD is certainly on the way out. Just as video killed the radio star, streaming is quickly putting an end to physical disks for movies and television.

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