What is this?

Normally this is a puzzle where you get a super close-up of something. Then we scroll down and see the wide shot and we all know what it is. That’s not entirely the case today. I think I know what this is, but I am a bit over my skis, so I could be completely wrong. Anyway, here is the wider shot.

This is one of the many interesting little bits inside the A500 power supply. For reference, that red ring is about the size of a half dollar. My best guess is that this is a common-mode choke. That is, coils wrapped around a ferrite core to suppress electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. But that is just my educated guess.

Whatever the case, it is super cool looking. It would be right at home on the side of the device the villain in a 50s sci-fi film was using in their ill-fated scheme.

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