Where that new tech started

The week after Christmas finds many of us rounding the learning curve of new technology. New phones, TVs, cameras, robotic vacuums… It’s a never ending march to change.

So, occasionally, it is fun to look back on where we came from. If the current interface for Windows or the Mac OS seems boring, you need only take a look at a Windows 3.1 system or the craziness of an Apple II to have a whole new appreciation for where we are.

The same certainly goes for cameras. Current models are mindblowing with what they can do. And it has been a long road to get here. Canon dates all the way back to 1934, with the release of the Kwanon. It was Japan’s first 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera.

The name comes from Kwannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Fittingly, the lens on the camera was dubbed Kasyapa, after Mahakasyapa, a disciple of Buddha.

Our picture today is semi-related. That is the grid for a new strip box UPS has just delivered. It’s a 1’x5′ unit and should make for wonderful light.

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