Fruity beverage trivia

As mentioned before, I never drink anything with alcohol in it, so I’m always a bit out of my depth with any of the liquor based trivia. So I had not even the slightest idea when asked what the flavor of Cointreau is.

It’s orange. Apparently it comes from blending orange peels and alcohol made from sugar beets. Orange flavored liqueur sounds much more intriguing than beet flavored liqueur. 🙂

Some interesting facts… The Cointreau distillery dates back to 1849 and the first bottles of the orange flavored Cointreau we know today were sold in 1875. It’s estimated that 13 million bottles are sold each year. Less fact, more opinion, they have an amazing logo.

Of course, our photo has nothing to do with any of that. But the instagram beast must be fed. So we have the beverage that is on hand and a RX3600 test machine.

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