Going widescreen

It seems all of us have a lot of time to get caught up on TV and movies we might have missed. Today’s picture puzzle fits into that, in some way. Is that a good enough clue? It seems like a pretty good one. This is something most of us have interacted with. Perhaps not recently, as it has been relegated by newer technologies. But everyone is still familiar with it. Scroll for the reveal.

It is a VCR! And not just any random old VCR. As you can see, this is a fancy 4 head VHS HQ unit. So, instead of looking horrible, movies on this unit look not completely horrible. It was quite the upgrade.

I kid, because wow we have been spoiled with HD and 4K. But wow did I get some mileage out of VCRs back in the day. Years, and years, ago, before the adent of DVRs or Tivo, I had a gig in Alabama for a couple months. Not knowing what my cable situation would be in the deep south, I had a schedule set up with three VCRs for my roomate to manage while I was away. Tuesday, swap the tape in VCR 2. Wednesday swap the tape in VCR 3, etc. I returned from Alabama and embarked on a binge that would make Netflix raise an eyebrow.

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