Here comes the rain again…

I feel like nature is having a bit of a laugh at my expense. We just had a fairly significant snowfall. And I really didn’t like it. It’s gone now, but the last few days have featured some pretty heavy rain. And we are staring into a 10 day forecast predicting rain every day. On the plus side, the average high for those days is around 50℉ and the average low is around 43℉, which is not too shabby for winter weather. But I can’t help hearing the whispering taunts of nature. “Oh… you don’t like the snow? You’d rather have it rain? How do you like this!?”

Of course, it could be so much worse. It looks like we are getting about .15 inches today. The record for most rainfall in a 24 hour period in the US is 49.69 inches! I’ve gone ahead and done the math. That’s over 4 feet. 😀 That happened in April of 2018 at Waipa Garden on the island of Kauai. For some perspective, Seattle averages 38 inches of rain a year.

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