Highest grossing movie of the 80s

I suppose I should be happy I was in the top ten. When this question came in, my first guess was Back To The Future. It was certainly a hit, but at $210 million it landed in 8th place. The top spot went to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial with $435 million. That makes sense. It was just no on my radar because I haven’t seen it.

That $435 million is a good illustration of what has happened to movie ticket prices. A world with billion dollar box office films makes much more sense when you note that the average price of a ticket has gone from just under $3 in 1980 to just over $9 in 2019. It would be interesting if box office records were tracked by tickets sold, instead of gross dollars.

Our photo today has nothing to do with any of that. This is a super-up-close shot of some mint tulle. I am currently in posession of 2160 square feet of tulle that will be used in an upcoming photo project. 😀

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