It’s 56K!

Remember the sound of modems? Now that I have put that in your head… we are continuing our trip down memory lane with this pristine 56K US Robotics modem. That brings back some memories. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel how long it would take to download just this one photo…

It really is remarkable where networking and the internet are today. When we were all dialing in to AOL and spending way too much time trying to guess if Netscape or Microsoft would win the browser war, we couldn’t even fathom where all of this would lead.

The other day I handed my phone to someone so they could stream a short film I was working on. Like it was nothing. I remember waiting what seemed like forever to download BMW’s film series, “The Hire” back in 2001. And it’s not like those were some crazy 4K versions. They were probably 640×480 quicktime files that had been compressed within an inch of their bits. Now, we just casually watch gorgeous HD content on our phones. It’s cool living in the future. 😀

Fun fact! 18 years after seeing Clive Owen in the BMW films, I saw him on Broadway in M Butterfly.

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