Like looking in a mirror

This one is fun. Here is another piece of technology most of us make use of weekly, if not daily. But we rarely see it from this perspective, which makes it a bit tricky to recognize. Can you picture what this is? The wider shot is below.

It’s a camera sensor, not unlike the one in our phones that we use every day. This one is a bit bigger than the sensor in the phones. This is the sensor of my Canon M6. That is an APS-C sized sensor, where phones usually use something in the 1/2.55 inch arena.

We could go on for ages about sensor size and what the numbers mean and the benefits of larger and smaller sensors. For our purposes here, an APS-C sensor like in the M6 measures 22.3mm x 14.9mm. And the 1/2.55 like you would find in the Google Pixel measures 5.76mm x 4.29mm.

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