Money Money Money Money

As mentioned in the last post, here is a close-up shot of the eye and pyramid from the one dollar bill. This thing is fascinating, and the jumping off point for all sorts of conspiracies.

Conventional wisdom says that this is the ‘eye of providence’, and it has been part of the Great Seal of The United States since the 1780s. Additionally, the pyramid is to suggest hope that the nation stands as long as the pyramids have.

Beyond that, once you enter the realm of conspiracy theories, anything goes. Is it a reference to masons? Does the text Novus Ordo Seclorum signify the beginning of the new American era? Or is it a signal that the government has been taken over by an evil plot? It is an internet rabbit hole with no end of possibilities.

Here is a wider shot of that side of the bill for a little more perspective.

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