More oddities from the shelf

As we continue to do some clearing out of old storage, I stumbled upon this curious collection. It’s a small case filled with EPROMs. Based on what it was found with, my first thought is that these are for the formatter card in a 256X printer. However, the one that specifically says SCSI, gives me pause.

Amazingly, none of those part numbers appear anywhere on Google, so without diving in to the giant bookshelf of out of print manuals that never made it to pdf and the internet, I’m not sure what they are.

That is curious, but I think we can all agree that the answer is not really a pressing issue. I don’t anticipate a need for any of these at any point in the near, or far, future.

One more fun fact. Because we are looking at ridiculously old bits of kit, I dusted off the original Canon 7D (from 2009!) to take this photo. Of course, then I had to scramble to find an old USB cable that would connect to the camera, because I have no way to read a compact flash card here.

It wasn’t an elegant operation, but it does all still work!

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