The cameras of Christmas past

It is that time of year, when regional theatres across the land break out their productions of A Christmas Carol. It’s a good time for a Scrooge trivia question, and the answer is, of course, Ebenezer. That’s not to be confused with the Nebuchadnezzar, which is the hovership captained by Morpheus in The Matrix. Although, if someone were to do a mashup of The Matrix and A Christmas Carol, I’d go see that…

Speaking of things from the past… It’s not ghosts visiting me in the night to make a point, but I have had a bit of a blast from the past experience recently. I have had a storage unit for several years, where things go to live a dark and quiet existence in a variety of boxes. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately (tomato/potato), the whole lot where the storage unit is located has been sold and is scheduled to be developed. So everyone has to get out.

This means that I spent the weekend going through boxes of stuff from years ago deciding what sparked joy. 😀 One of those things is the 38 year old Canon AE-1 Program you see above. I have since moved on to a, by comparison, new EOS Elan 7E (it’s only 19 years old!) for shooting film. But there is something timeless about the look of the old Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Minolta cameras.

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