The Campagna T-Rex


Here’s a car that you don’t see every day. In fact, I’d never even heard of the Campagna T-Rex. It comes out of Quebec, and is a three wheeled bit of crazy based around the drivetrain from a BMW motorcycle. The fun comes from the fact that the 1.6 liter motor makes 160 HP and the T-Rex only weighs 1100 pounds. That’s not motorcycle level power-to-weight, but it’s a far sight better than you’ll find in most cars. Unfortunately, as you’ll see in this T-Rex review on Jalopnik,  it sounds like the fun never gives way to any sort of practicality, making the T-Rex kind of hard to live with. And given the price, something in the Atom or Caterham vein is probably going to be a better choice. Still, it’s always good to see someone trying something new.

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