The hidden bits

This one is really interesting. This is an object everyone is very familiar with and has used repeatedly over the past several years. I’m particularly interested in this close-up because of what it reveals. Scroll to see just what we are looking at.

That is the business end of a SD card. And, clearly, a well used one. I was a little surprised at just how rough the contacts on the card looked close up. We are quickly moving toward a future where SD cards will go in devices once and pretty much stay there. We’re already there with our phones. Not so much with cameras.

I am still in the habit of taking the card out of the camera and putting it in the computer. Yes, I can do it over USB, but that involves connecting a cable and it is slower. And Canon does have their new cloud service, which will wirelessly beam your photos to the cloud and then to various other cloud services or back down to your PC.

That one is still slower, a lot slower at the moment, but once it gets a little more speed with updated radios in newer cameras, the convenience of it could be what makes the change. For now though, I’ll just be thankful that SD cards are pretty robust, and seem just fine with going in and out of all my different devices again and again.

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