The more things change…

I have a pretty modern laptop for testing in the tech department, but it only came about when the pretty old laptop finally died. The holdup was twofold. Most obvious, it wasn’t broke, so no point fixing it. And that laptop is not called on to do any heavy lifting. The vast majority of its time is spent as a terminal for connecting to different things. So there was no rush.

And that gets us to the second part of the problem. Modern laptops just didn’t have the one spec I really need. I wasn’t terribly concerned with RAM, or CPU, or SSDs, or dedicated graphics. The number one thing I needed is a serial port. And that is tough to come by.

So what you see above is the solution. A USB to Serial adapter, that allows me to connect to pretty much anything. Servers, disk arrays, switches, printers, etc. Our computing world has become very modern, but there is still a surprising number of things that are best dealt with over 9600 baud.

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