The Stasi is everywhere

ESPN has a fascinating article about Katarina Witt that coincides with their Nine for IX series of documentaries. It tells the story of what it meant to be a world class athlete behind the wall, and how a young Katarina learned to use the power that her abilities on the ice gave her.

Of particular interest to me, given the current climate in our part of the world, is the revelation of how the Stasi was tracking her. It’s like something out of a spy movie. Transcripts of conversations, tracking her movements. And perhaps most chilling of all… the young Katarina was dating a drummer in a band. The powers that be decided this could be a distraction to her skating, so they sent him away. Just like that. The story of the fall of the wall, and how that played out for Katarina may also surprise you. The whole thing is well worth the read.

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